The COLUMBUS family of passive heat exchangers has been specifically designed for electronic cabinets and environmental chambers. It features an innovative, extremely lightweight construction system, and an easy-to-mount chassis.

These highly efficient units, developed upon the concept of counterflow heat exchangers, have two separated hydraulic circuits, with no air exchange between the cabinet and the ambient.

They comply with IP55 and NEMA 12 requirements.

They can be mounted in any position, offering a great flexibility in designing devices, and they are maintenance free.

The COLUMBUS heat exchangers can be equipped with standard 115V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz fans, or with DC brushless fans (12-24-48V), all provided with finger guards.

The modules feature a thermal switch set at 45C 5C, and a NTC sensor for external temperature control.

Of course, custom-tailored control systems are available upon demand.

All the electrical connections are available on standard 3x2mm faston terminals.

Materials and components used in the manufacturing of Bosari Thermal Management’s COLUMBUS heat exchangers are carefully selected and quality controlled, to ensure the compliance with the requested specifications.


Cooling efficiency: 100W/K
Dimensions: 440x1050x106mm
External Case Material: Al99.5%
Exchanger Core Material: Pure Aluminum
Operating Temp. range: -40C +100C
Weight: 19Kg approx
Inlet fans: 2x172mm dia.
Outlet fans: 2x172mm dia.
Typ. air flow speed: 3.5m/s
Typ. Noise @ 3.5m/s: 58dB(A)
EMC compliances: EN55022
ETS300 342-2


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