During the course of recent years the development of electronic power components has made necessary to dissipate larger quantities of thermal heat at lower values of junction temperatures in order to increase their operating life.

The designers have become more and more familiar with alternative cooling systems, such as water cooling, that have shown the highest reliability in severe environmental conditions.

As an answer to high power dissipation problems, BTM has designed and developed a new family of aluminum water coolers, suitable to accept Thyristors, GTOs, and the recent IGBT components, dissipating up to 3.000W on both sides (1.500 + 1.500), with a contact area up to a diameter of 49mm (custom tailored up to 55mm).

This new cooler family can be easily adapted to the customer needs, by mounting the proper cooling fluid nipple (aluminum, titanium, etc.).

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The basical concept of these coolers makes them really cost-effective, allowing a longer operating life to the components at a really reasonable price, this permitting to adopt them in the most part of heavy industrial applications, welding, light and heavy electrical traction.



Rth (single side) @6l/min 16K/kW
Rth (double side) @6l/min 10,5K/kW
Min. temp of inlet fluid -25C
Typ. temp. of inlet fluid +60C
Max. operating temp.* +85C

Mechanical and environmental

Clamping force up to 60kN
Shocks and Vibrations IEC7716
Cooling flow rate 3 to 9l/min
Max. pressure drop @6l/min 0,5bar
Typ. Pressure drop @6l/min 0,3bar
Storage temperature -40C/+85C
Surface parallelism 0,05mm
Surface planarity 0,02mm
Surface roughness Ra 1,6
Overall dimensions see drawing
Weight . 160g approx

* with pure water – usually depending from kind of cooling fluid and external circuit

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